Rated-M for Married Couples

Rated-M for Married Couples

Rated-M is a Life Church home group for married couples of all ages. This is always a great time of fun, fellowship, and insightful teaching and discussions. Using Biblical principles, book studies, and their personal testimony, David and Lyn Thomason talk about the power of unconditional love, restoration, dealing with marital problems, and how to avoid as many speed bumps along the road in the journey of married life. If you are a married couple and desire to strengthen your marriage and enjoy meeting and building relationships with other married couples, then it’s time to make your marriage “Rated-M”!

Rated-M meets once a month in the home of David and Lyn Thomason. You can find their contact information in the bulletin and newsletter, and directions to their home can be found at the Information Center. Due to the subject matter of the discussions, it is recommended that your kids do not attend these meetings. You can sign up for child care at the Information Center prior to a Rated-M meeting, just please give them plenty of notice so they can ensure that every child is properly taken care of.

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